Mike Lindell

After beating his 25-year drug addiction and starting a multi-million dollar pillow company from nothing, Lindell has just one thing to say:

“With God, all things are possible.”

The Lindell Foundation

Mike believes that his success has been a platform provided by God to allow Mike to change lives for the better. So he created the Lindell Foundation, which is committed to helping those in need, where 100% of money donated goes to individuals in need.

Mike Lindell Documentary

The Mike Lindell Story: a story about how Mike - despite betrayal, adversity, no money and no credit - creates the booming business, MyPillow, and becomes an American success story. 

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Mike's Book

Mike's autobiography, "What are the Odds?" is COMING SOON. In it, you can read about his fascinating personal life, his walk with Jesus, and how he is giving back with his upcoming foundation.

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Mike shares his testimony at the National Religious Broadcasters’ (NRB) Media Leadership Convention about how he was helped by God, even before he found Christ and how the Lindell Foundation will give back. And, Mike receives the NRB's President’s Award.

Mike's Story

The Mike Lindell story is a true “rags-to-riches” story. Mike faced extreme money issues, profound drug addictions, and major adversity. But, despite all odds plus an unshaken faith in God, he overcame all obstacles and turned his pillow invention into a true American success story.

And, Mike’s reaction to his life’s story? “With God, all things are possible.”.

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Mike Lindell's news, events and videos

Throughout his life, Mike has been helped by God, even before he found Christ, as he relates in this interview by Eric Metaxas, of the Eric Metaxas Show, at the National Religious Broadcasters

Mike was interviewed by THREAD MB, where he talked about his early childhood, his plans for the Lindell Foundation, a new app he is working on, organizations that Mike is working with, and his auto

Mike Lindell talks about his rags-to-riches MyPillow success story, his documentary, his book, and his foundation on the Rich Elsen Show.


Jane Wells talks to Mike Lindell for her CNBC Strange Success Podcast series which is about people who have come up with crazy ideas and managed to go from failure and rejection to success.

Corwin Johnson tragically died in a hunting accident last November. But, his friends are keeping his memory alive with a "Pillows For Corwin" drive.

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