Mike Lindell

After beating his 25-year drug addiction and starting a multi-million dollar pillow company from nothing, Lindell has just one thing to say:

“With God, all things are possible.”

The Lindell Foundation

Mike believes that his success has been a platform provided by God to allow Mike to change lives for the better. So he created the Lindell Foundation, which is committed to helping those in need, where 100% of money donated goes to individuals in need.

Mike Lindell Documentary

The Mike Lindell Story: a story about how Mike - despite betrayal, adversity, no money and no credit - creates the booming business, MyPillow, and becomes an American success story. 

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Mike's Book

Mike's book is COMING SOON - watch here for details.

Mike Lindell donated 60,000 MyPillows to those devasted by Hurricane Harvey last week. And now, because that went so well, he is following up by sending down 20,000 MORE MyPillows, for a total of 80,000 MyPillows.

It is quite the generous donation - the retail value of the donations is close to $4 million.

The first 60,000 pillows were donated from Beaumont to Corpus Christi to both shelters and the first responders. The next 20,000 pillows are also going to go to those who have been displaced and first responders.

The pillow donation was organized by Lindell's new Lindell Foundation. The foundation was due to launch next month, but Lindell pushed the date up to get donations for Hurricane Harvey. The foundation's goal is to give 100% of every dollar donated to those in need.

So - please donate to the Lindell Foundation now. Those devastated by Hurricane Harvey are desperate.

Mike's Story

Mike Lindell, born Michael Lindell, is a Minnesota native through and through, as he was born in Minnesota in 1961, and then went to high school in Chaska, Minnesota (just outside of Minneapolis), and now, years later, has his famous 260,000 square foot MyPillow factory in Shakopee, which is just a few miles away from where he graduated.

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Mike Lindell is featured in a Q&A article by Ava Roosevelt in the Fall edition of Opulence Magazine because, as Eva Roosevelt notes, Mike is one of those "philanthropically inclined indivi

Mike Lindell was on CNBC talking about his support of President Trump, saying that the President condemns all hate and that there have been so many attacks on the President that the President hasn'

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