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I was honored to speak at President Trump's rally in Rochester, Minnesota.


Our next great Attorney General Doug Wardlow gave an awesome invocation at the beginning of the rally.

President Trump gave a major shout-out to Mike Lindell and his MyPillow, declaring that "I actually use them, believe it or not," to the cheers of the crowd.

He went on to tout Mike's ad buying abilities, stating that "I want you to be my ad buyer because I guarantee you, he makes great deals."

Mike Lindell was branded by President Trump as someone that "makes great deals." In fact, Trump actually said that Mike was so good that Trump wanted Mike to become his ad buyer because, as Trump said, "I guarantee you that Mike makes good deals.". 

And, Trump knows that Mike makes a great product, declaring, "He is the greatest, he does make a great product, I actually use them," as the crowd applauded in approval.

"Do you ever see this guy with the pillows on Fox...He is the greatest," declared President Trump to the applause of the crowd at a rally in North Dakota. Trump then went on to say "Mike does make a great product, great pillows". Then, Trump admitted that he actually uses MyPillows, which got enthusiastic cheers from the crowd.

Trump continued with the announcement that he "wanted Mike to be his ad buyer because I guarantee you, he makes great deals." And, to seal the deal, Trump said, "I haven't asked him yet, would you be my ad buyer please, Mike?"

The Mike Lindell story is a true “rags-to-riches” story, where Mike has found that “With God, all things are possible.”.
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