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Read about Mike's amazing story in The Washington Post's article, From crack cocaine to Mar-a-Lago: The unusual journey of the MyPillow man.  It truly is a story of a journey that has run from "pig pens and Las Vegas card tables to MyPillow fame and the gold-plated halls of Mar-a-Lago."

Mike Lindell shares his testimony and gets the Presidents Award at the National Religious Broadcasters’ (NRB) Media Leadership Dinner. Throughout his life, Mike has been helped by God, even before he found Christ, as he relates in this interview by Eric Metaxas at the NRB Media Leadership Dinner.
Open Primary tabs configuration options Primary tabs View(active tab) Edit Delete Manage display Revisions Open Highlights: configuration options Don’t miss this CNBC video about Mike Lindell! There are some interesting views of the MyPillow factory as well a great overview of about Mike’s history from crack to the highly success MyPillow company - to the White House!

Mike Lindell joined the "Made in America" roundtable that was hosted by President Trump, Vice-president Pence, Department of Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, and Director of the White House Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy Peter Navarro.

Mike's entrepreneurial success story actually starts in a crack house.

Mike is continually dreaming up ways to help people. But, it hasn't always been that way. He first had to give up his drug addictions by giving himself to God.

Jane Wells talks to Mike Lindell for her CNBC Strange Success Podcast series which is about people who have come up with crazy ideas and managed to go from failure and rejection to success.

The largest pillow fight in human history happened a few weeks ago, with 66,000 people fighting with MyPillows, as Mike Lindell reveals in a discussion on 

Mike Lindell tells his story to Carrie Abbott about getting a dream "Straight From God" in 2004 to create his magical pillow. And now, 41 million MyPillows have been sold because of this dream.

Mike broke the record this weekend: a pillow fight world record with 46,000 people using MyPillows.

50,000 free MyPillows, beating the pillow fight record in the Guinness Book of World Records, AND Mike's Israel trip where he was part of a mysterious movie are all part of Mike's interview with

“I want to use what I went through (when Mike was an addict) and use it for the good," is the resounding message in

Mike says that “MyPillow is a vehicle for a greater calling, that his success is a gift from God." But, as this CBS Sunday Morning video with Martha Teichner shows, it was a struggle to get MyPillow to be the success it is today.

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