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Jane Wells talks to Mike Lindell for her CNBC Strange Success Podcast series which is about people who have come up with crazy ideas and managed to go from failure and rejection to success. And who better to talk to than Mike Lindell, who has literally gone from the crack house to the White House, with the tremendous success of MyPillow in between.


  • Mike Lindell's amazing story goes from owning a carpet cleaning business and hogs to the phenomenal success of MyPillow, all while overcoming addictions, failures, and adversity.
  • The MyPillow business started as a dream, took years to develop, faced failures in sales and marketing, and finally found early success with fairs and events. During this time, Mike had to go through an epic battle for the control of MyPillow. He also faced his own adversity: addictions to alcohol, cocaine, and crack cocaine, which he amazingly kicked overnight through prayer on January 6, 2009. He has been sober ever since and vows to give his life to God in all his endeavors in return for being freed from his addictions..
  • MyPillow’s exponential success came from the famous MyPillow infomercial, an idea which also came to Mike in a dream. Mike went against the grain by not using professional actors. Instead, Mike was featured in the infomercial and ad-libbed his way throughout it. Due to the infomercial, MyPillow went from 10 employees to 500 employees in just a few months. And now, MyPillow has over 1,500 employees and has sold over 30 million pillows.
  • President Trump was so impressed with Mke's American-made story that he invited Mike to New York City to talk about his story and the benefits of American-made products. Mike was then invited to the White House's Made in America Roundtable, where he sat right next to President Trump.
  • Mike continues to grow and give back: MyPillow has given tens of thousands of pillows to charity, Mike has created the Lindell Foundation to help his employees and those in need, he is writing his autobiography, and Mike is creating a movie of his life through a partnership with Stephen Baldwin.

It has been an incredible life. Mike gives all of the credit for his success to God: “Looking back now, the only way that we were able to do all of this was through Devine intervention from God. It is a miracle, an absolute miracle.”

And - a message from Mike to all, “It can be done, people."

You can read more in this referenced article, How this entrepreneur went from a crack addict to a self-made multimillionaire.

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Ten years ago, Mike was addicted to crack cocaine and alcohol. But then, through God, he got clean and sober on January 16, 2009. Listen to the details in Mike Lindell's enlightening interview on The Sean Hannity Show. 

Mike was able to get clean and sober. But, there are many more out there who need treatment from their addictions. Towards that, President Trump signed an 800-page bi-partisan opiate bill which will help stop the drugs from coming into the United States and will help people who are addicted. 

For, many have died from opiates. In fact, people very close to Mike have died from drugs within the last year. Towards that, Mike’s has spoken to 50,000 millennials in Texas and 30,000 millennials in Minneapolis about finding God and leading a clean life away from drugs.

Mike quit with the help of God, so he knows that addicts need to get help in faith-based treatment centers. Addicts also need hope. Towards that, Mike’s story can bring hope. 

Plus, Mike is starting the Lindell Recovery Network where people can get inspired by seeing recovery success stories from around the country from people their age, using the drugs they are using. The visitors are then presented with Christian treatment centers that Mike has vetted. Then, once out of recovery, there will be paid mentors to help them from start to finish.

Drugs can take over your soul, your mind, and your heart. But, as Mike's story shows, it is possible to quit your addictions, and you can do it before you (or your kids) lose their lives. Everyone is worth having hope and opportunity given to them.

Do you need help with your addictions?

If you are an addict, go to The Salvation Amry or Teen Challenge. You will get the help you need: they are the best centers in the world and, since they are donor based, you don't need money or Rule 25 funding.

Do it now, before it takes over you. Just know that, as Mike says, "With God, all things are possible."

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Kinship Christian Radio: Mike Lindell's many dreams from God

Listen to how Mike's many dreams from God have shaped Mike's life in this inspiring report from Kinship Christian Radio.

MyPillow comes to Mike in a dream 

In 2005, while living as a crack cocaine addict, Mike says that God gave him one of the many dreams he would have in his life. That dream was the name “MyPillow”. Mike wrote that name all over the house. When his daughter came up and saw the MyPillow writing, she asked Mike what he was doing, to which Mike said: “I’m going to make this pillow and it is going to change the world.” His daughter simply replied, “That’s really random, Dad.” But Mike did invent that pillow after working almost 2 years, trying many things before he finally found the perfect foam, which Mike later patented.

Mike’s enthusiasm wasn’t met by the suppliers in stores, though, and Mike had a rough beginning. But then, a customer who ran the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show said that MyPillow was “a miracle that helped him sleep,” and offered Mike a booth, which proved to be a launching point for MyPillow.

Mike has a dream about an infomercial

God gave Mike another dream about an infomercial, which is the reason “why most people know Mike and MyPillow”. Due to the infomercial, MyPillow went from 5 employees to 500 in 40 days. As Mike says, "It  was phenomenal, it was a miracle.”

Mike has a dream about $8 million in the bank

By the summer of 2014, MyPillow was within 2 days of going under. Mike then had a dream where he saw MyPillow having $8 million in the bank by the end of the year. Mike knew that this dream was from God also, so instead of shutting down, he built a new factory.

Mike surrenders to Jesus

Mike also met a woman during 2014 who had a relationship with Jesus that Mike wanted to have. So finally, on February 18, 2017, Mike did a full surrender to Jesus.

This has to be God

Mike had to meet President Trump and see all the miracles before Mike finally said, “Wow, here I am, friends with the President of the United States, this has to be God. This crack addict from Minnesota could not be put into this national position of helping the country, the President, and the inner cities without help from God.”

And Mike is now using the platform that God gave him to establish an addiction recovery network and to help fund a new pro-life film.

So, Mike is truly living his belief that, "With God, all things are possible".

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Mike Lindell is having his 10-year sobriety anniversary, and as Mike says, "I have seen so many things that have changed in the last 10 years," and now, “I am able to bring people hope through my story and can give back through the Lindell Recovery Network.” Listen to the details in this inspiring interview on the KQRS Morning Show with Tom Barnard

Lindell Recovery Network

Mikes says that the Lindell Recovery Network is coming to fruition. With the network, Mike explains, “I'm going to have all these stories of hope from people in their age group. You put in your name and then what you are addicted to and all these stories of hope from people just like you will come down.”

Mike will then be the “tour guide of the website” and present recovery centers that Mike has vetted. Then, when the addicts get out of recovery, there will be “paid mentors that are going to help the addict."

Mike and his recovery

A lot of things have changed since that night when Mike asked God to be released from his addictions. As Mike says, if you would have “told me 10 years ago about what I am doing today, I would have said ‘what?’”

For,  Mike had an intervention after he had been up for 14 days: by his drug dealers, Mike “couldn't buy crack anywhere, it was a complete shutdown.” 

And, when Mike got back to his room, One of the dealers “took a picture and he said, 'Give me your phone. You've been telling us for years that this pillow is just a platform for God and that you're going to come back someday and help us all. We're not going to let you die on us.'” And now, two of these drug dealers work for Mike and are clean, sober, have found God, and have turned their lives around.

And, Mike has seen his friends look at his life and see where his path has taken him and they're saying, “you know what, I am quitting everything.” For, they say, “There is no way that Mike Lindell was there and now he's here. This has to be a miracle.” And all of them have quit crack.

Mike’s addictions stemmed from the fact that his parents were divorced when he was a young age, which gave him a “terrible feeling of unworthiness,” so he would fear rejection. So he would either show off or be shy. 

His addictions gave him the false courage to get over this fear of rejection. And, when Mike was doing alcohol and cocaine, he could be a functioning addict. However, he found that crack took over his life.

Mike found that “addictions are a lot of work.” “People say to me, why are you so busy at work all the time.” And, Mike's response is that he loves what he does, and it was more work when he was doing addictions.

For, “You're breaking your promises all the time, and you start to feel worse about yourself. So you want more drugs to hide the pain -  it is just a vicious circle."

So, Mike prayed to be released January 16, 2009, because he knew that in one more day, someone else would be chosen for the platform that was given to Mike. And, when Mike woke the next morning, all his desires were gone. 

Things get “better and better”

And then, things just got “better and better”. As a caller to the Tom Barnard show says, “His story is inspiring, to say the least. I'm a recovering addict as well and just listening to his story and the fact that there is hope is fantastic. But also his company just does so many phenomenal things. He's impacting so many lives, it is just phenomenal.”

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Mike Lindell: How a Bedding Empire’s Unlikeliest King Escaped from a Waking Nightmare to Living the Dream


In Mike Lindell's own words, "This article is very good! I have never seen a more complete article on me."

So, read this inspiring article, then take that inspiration and go out and change your own life. For, as Mike says, "With God, all things are possible."

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Mike Lindell is an American Success Story. He is an accomplished inventor and CEO of MyPillow (an awesome pillow, by the way). Watch Mike tell his inspiring story on Starnes Country with Todd Starnes on Fox Nation.

Mike’s life before MyPillow

Mike's parents were divorced when he was 7 years old, and he was sent to a new school. These changes gave him a fear of rejection and shyness (which is surprising now!)

In the ’80s, then, Mike got into cocaine. And, he found that cocaine gave him the false courage he needed to talk without feeling shy.

While Mike was taking cocaine, he was a functioning addict who was married for 20 years and raised children. And, he was always an entrepreneur. For example, when his sister's apartment was flooded, he saw a need for good carpet cleaners, so he started a carpet cleaning business.

Mike got into hometown bars. He had one bar for 13 years which, as he says, is "not a good place for an addict." But, he knew what the crowd wanted, which was escape and entertainment, rather than just a place to drink. Mike enjoyed it, as he has always been driven by solving problems: to see a problem, understand the need, and invent a solution, and creating the atmosphere that makes a bar successful was fulfilling part of his desire to be constantly inventing new solutions.

But, Mike's addiction switched to crack cocaine, which is an entirely different drug than cocaine. He got hooked and sold the bar, which meant leaving friends of his that he grew up with, which he says "was like losing family." But he looks back now and realizes that selling the bar "had to be."

Mike invents MyPillow

Then, for 1 1/2 years, Mike put all his energy into inventing the MyPillow. He was so obsessed with the pillow that one night he woke up writing “MyPillow” all over the house. When his daughter came up and asked what he was doing, Mike said that he was "going to invent this pillow and that it was going to change the world," to which she said, “that's really random” and went back to bed.

Once Mike invented the MyPillow, he was completely broke. In fact, he had to mortgage his house just to buy Christmas presents. So he took the pillow to big box stores to sell it, but it was a “complete shutout." He was turned down everywhere.

So Mike sold pillows at a kiosk. But, sales were low due to his shyness. However, by Divine appointment, one of the customers who did buy a pillow called and said: “this pillow changed my life," and that he ran the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show, and asked if Mike wanted to sell his pillows at this show.

So Mike did the show where a table was in front of him. And an interesting thing happened: with the table in front of him, he found he could talk to people without needing drugs, that his passion for helping people helped more than any drugs. After the show Mike went on the road selling his pillows at various fairs shows for seven years.

Mike has an intervention - by his drug dealers

But Mike was still doing drugs. In fact, his crack habit was so bad that, in 2008, Mike’s three drug dealers staged an intervention saying: “You have been up for 14 days and we are cutting you off”. 

Mike tried finding crack cocaine on the streets, but couldn’t get it anywhere. Later, at 2 AM, one of the dealers took a picture and said, "You are going to want this for your book. You told us that this pillow is a platform for God and that you are going to help us with our addictions someday".

And now, one of the dealers works for Mike. And, when Mike's writer asked him why they had the invention, he said: "we just believed him."

Mike's conversion experience

In December, a friend came to Mike. This friend was Mike’s equal: both started cocaine at the same time and both switched to crack at the same time. This friend had quit drugs after finding Jesus three years before.

Mike asked him, "is it boring?" And his friend said it was not. Then Mike went on, asking all sorts of questions as he had finally found someone that he was comfortable with, someone who was his peer, his equal, and who had the same experiences. 

Then on January 16, 2009 (one month after his friend's visit), Mike knew there was nothing else. His company had been taken and he knew that in one more day that someone else would be picked for the pillow platform There was nothing left.

So Mike said a prayer to God, saying: "I want to wake up in the morning and never have the desire for these drugs again, and then I will do this platform." And, in the morning, something was different, his desires were gone. And, he has been clean and sober since this date.

The first MyPillow infomercial

Later, Mike created the first MyPillow Infomercial in front of a real audience with a friend of his. The night before, the producer had said, ‘this is the worse guy I’ve ever seen, he will never make it on TV." He was right, Mike couldn’t be in front of cameras. But, they added a table to emulate the shows and threw out the teleprompters, and Mike made the first, very successful infomercial by ad-libbing. 

Mike speaks to 50,000 millennials

Mike then went on and spoke before 50,000 millennials about Jesus at the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, and again at the Texas Speedway. Mikes says that if he was told earlier in his life that he would be speaking to crowds like this, he would have said: “Are you kidding me?”.

Three weeks after speaking at the US Bank Stadium, Mike was in an amusement park, and Mike was flooded with people saying "your story changed my life" and that "they surrendered" at the event due to Mke's inspiration. So, God is using Mike to give millennials hope. As Mike says, "It was very rewarding and surreal to hear how God works."

Mike gets a shoutout from President Trump

Donald Trump did a shoutout at a Fargo, ND rally. Trump said Mike was "a great ad buyer" and that he "had the pillow" and that Mike "was an amazing businessman."

The next morning,  a newspaper called and said: “Mike, the President did this shout out. That is great, I bet you sold a lot of pillows. But Mike said that it wasn’t about the pillow, it was about raising Mike’s popularity so Mike could go out and talk to 50,00 millennials. 

Mike had met Trump before in a private meeting at Trump Tower in August of 2016 before the election. Trump asked about Mike's cross and asked if he was a Christian, to which Mike replied that ‘this is a Devine appointment."

Trump said he was proud of Mke’s 1,600 employees and the fact that Mike makes all his pillows in America. Mike said that he walked out feeling that “there was no other person he wanted to be president."

Mike then talked to Trump’s employees and every one of them said great things about Trump. Mike knows that "it is in Trump's heart is to help the country."

Mike ended up in the spin room during the third presidential debate. One TV station talked with Mike, saying, “you wear your cross, what do you think about Trump?" (It was 11 days after the sex tape).

Mike said: “I was a crack addict and have a past you wouldn’t believe. By the grace of God, I quit everything overnight and have been in a transformation since. I had a private meeting with Trump and saw that Trump was in an amazing transformation and that he must have been picked by God. Do you know that Phil Robertson read him the gospel?” The reporter left.

Mike says that "everyone comes up and compliments me about my transformation and my journey with Jesus, and to tell the President that they are praying for him, he’s amazing."

Occasionally, Mike will get someone that says: “Mike I like what you’re doing but you are lying to yourself". Mike responds by saying: "You are telling me I am wrong, But I did my due diligence, and know Trump is amazing."

The Lindell Foundation

The Lindell Foundation is a Christian-based foundation that was originally started to help addicts and MyPillow employees. For example, there was a MyPillow employee who walked 14 miles a day to work, so was often late to work. So, rather than fire him because he was late, the Lindell Foundation bought him a car.

This is what Mike does: he looks for deviations in his company's employees. 500 of  the1,600 employees has Mike’s direct phone number, and they are "just like a big family." In fact, just recently, someone called about a person they think has addiction problems, so they are getting him help. 

Christian based movies

Mike wanted to learn the movie business because when his book comes out, he is going to make a movie based on the book. Plus, Mike wants to be part of Christian-based movies since there are so many "epic stories"

In fact, Mike invested money in the movie, "Unplanned", a story about Abby Johnson. And, Mike has a cameo in the movie where he bulldozes a Planned Parenthood site. They were going to have a stunt man actually drive the bulldozer, but Mike said, "no, you aren’t using a stunt man. I’m going to drive this - he doesn’t even have a mustache, come on." And, Mike drove the bulldozer, and it was perfect.

Lindell Recovery Network

Mike has created the Lindell Recovery Network to help addicts find recovery as Mike found recovery. With the recovery network, "you will be presented with stories of hope". You will put in your age and your addictions, and the stories of hope will come from people you can relate to. The network will then tell you where you can get help, and there will be paid mentors to help.

In conclusion (for now)

Mike knew that MyPillow was a platform for much bigger things. And, Mike, the ex-crack addict, certainly keeps moving his "story of hope" onward to bigger and bigger ventures.

And, how does he do it? Well, as Mike says, "with God all things are possible".

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Eighty religious volunteers, including evangelist Franklin Graham, came to Paradise to perform a Christmas Eve mass to help “bring hope” to the Camp Fire survivors 

As part of this service, Mike Lindell donated 10,000 MyPillows to help in their recovery. The survivors also received gift cards, meals, and toys from other companies.

As a member of the church says, “It’s nice to hear people talk about the hope that they have of seeing this community spring back up from the ashes.”

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Mike gives a very introspective interview about his life of drugs, success, President Trump, a movie venture, a platform to help addicts and another platform to help entrepreneurs on the Kevin McCullough Show. Listen to all of Mike's inspiring details of his life in this interview.

Mike’s addictions

First in Mike's interview is his transitional story about his addiction to cocaine and crack cocaine caused by Mike’s feeling of rejection due to his parents’ divorce. Mike discovered that God could actually release him from all his addictions, which led to an amazing step closer to his Christian faith. So listen to hear how Mike almost lost everything, how his drug dealers intervention actually helped Mike stop drugs, and, how God helped Mike.

Mike finds success with MyPillow

Mike then goes on to talk about his MyPillow success. You might think it was easy - but it wasn’t. It took Mike years of hard work to invent the MyPillow, then Mike spent years going from show to show, building the MyPillow brand.

It was when Mike had a dream to do an infomercial that the successful MyPillow we know today was created. In fact, Mike went from 5 to 500 employees in 40 days due to that infomercial. 

The Lindell Recovery Network

Because of Mike’s promise to God that, if released from his addictions, he would give back, Mike created the Lindell Recovery Network, where someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol can find “thousands of stories of hope” for people just like them. 

Mike will then present these addicts with Christian organizations that he has vetted that can help them, such as the Salvation Army and Teen Challenge Union Gospel.

And, due to Mike's work with drug addictions, he was at the White House to witness President Trump sign a historic 800-page bipartisan bill that will be helping opioid addicts. As Mike says, this bill is dedicated  “to get money going to things that work, and to be accountable to results."

Mike and President Trump

This White House meeting was not the first time Mike has met Trump. Meeting Trump started with a dream that Mike had in 2015, then turned into reality, what Mike calls a “Devine intervention” in 2016 when Trump requested a meeting with Mike in the Trump Tower. Since then, Mike has met many times with Trump and has supported Trump at many rallies throughout the country.

Mike’s movie venture

Mike is involved in a new movie called "Unplanned". He gave $1 million to the movie, and he has a part in it. The movie is about the real-life story of Abby Johnson, who went from working at Planned Parenthood to being an anti-abortion crusader. In the movie, Mike bulldozes a Planned Parenthood site. He actually drives the bulldozer himself, as he said that he just couldn't go on national radio and TV and say that a stuntman did the bulldozing for him.

Mike helping other entrepreneurs

And, listen to Mike, as a seasoned ad buyer, talk about the “monster", Amazon. Today, entrepreneurs put their products on Amazon, only to have the products copied and made in China. Then, these counterfeiters buy ads - above your ads - so when people search for your product, their ads show first.

To help entrepreneurs fight this, Mike is creating a platform called MyStore.com. Vetted entrepreneurs will then have an area where they can tell the story of their product. This will help these entrepreneurs get “the eyes” of others who want to buy the product without forcing these entrepreneurs to use Amazon.

MyPillow sleep study

Mike talks about being sued for the MyPillow testimonials. Mike knew all along that his MyPillow does help people. And now, there is a sleep study that proves that all those testimonials were right all along!

And, Mike’s story continues

So - Mike’s story continues. And towards that Mike says that “I give the glory to God and I'm going to keep going. God gave me a very big platform, and I pray for wisdom and discernment every day.”

Or, in other words, “With God all things are possible”.

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"Everybody loves our President, some of them just don't know it yet," says Mike Lindell in this insightful interview with Mike Gallagher on The Mike Gallagher Show

Mike's "divine appointment" with President Trump

Mike Gallagher starts out, saying that "President Trump is going through a lot: there are Republicans who aren't on board with him. There are Democrats, of course, who are fighting him tooth and nail, and then there is the mainstream media. How does he take this?

According to Mike, “There's nobody like him that can take all that. That's why God picked him for such a time as this.” And Mike knows for he has known Trump for several years. It started when Mike had a dream in 2015 that he would be meeting Trump. And then, Trump miraculously reached out to Mike in the summer of 2016 for a private meeting at Trump Tower.

And the first thing Trump talked about was the fact that Mike always wears a cross. To which Mike answered that indeed, he is a Christian and that the meeting “is a Divine appointment.” Mike said that Trump “was proud of my company” because everything at MyPillow is made here in America, and Trump appreciates that because he is a builder and an entrepreneurial businessman.

Trump gives Mike a shout-out

Mike then went to many Trump rallies over the last several years, and also spoke at many. And then, at a North Dakota rally, while Mike was in the audience, Trump said: 

“You ever see this guy with the pillows on Fox? Mike is the greatest. I have never seen so many ads for so long. And first of all, he does make a great product, great pillows. I actually use them, believe it or not.”

Mike said that hearing that from Trump was “surreal.” Trump went on to talk about the fact that Mike was a good businessman and a good ad buyer, which Mike says “was such an honor.” In fact, Trump’s comments went viral, and Mike was actually getting calls from as far away as Israel and Australia.

Later, Mike had a one-on-one with Trump where Mike thanked him for the shout out. At the meeting, Mike said, “you know one of the newspapers you don't like called me the next day and said, ‘after the president did that shout out for you, you must have sold a lot of pillows.’ And I said no, this wasn't about selling pillows.”

Mike went on to say that he told the reporter that is wasn’t about sales, “It was about me being a good businessman, so my popularity went up threefold. So I'm now able to go out and speak out for Jesus as I did at US Bank stadium to 50,000 Millennials.”

When the president asked, “what did you say then?” Mike said that the reporter said goodbye and hung up on me.” The reporter never printed the story. And Mike says that “the media doesn’t want to hear the good things, the amazing things, and it's so sad.'

Mike went on to say, “The strength, the wisdom, the discernment and the competence of our president is amazing. We are so blessed to be in such a time as this and to get something that's so good. Of course, you're going to get attacked, and I believe there is evil and good.”

How can Mike, a Christian, support Trump?

Trump is not a saint, he is not a pastor. So, there are many people who are confused about Christians who support Trump. What does Mike say to that?  

Mike said that he is a born-again Christian. And, after his first meeting with Trump, he “walked out of his office on August 15, 2016, and I said 'wow'.”

And Mike “would want no one on this planet to be my president other than Donald Trump. And I truly believe God uses people, and there was only one person he could use for this and it's Donald Trump.”

After the meeting, Mike talked to Trump's employees. And, “it was like talking to one of my employees. I tell people that, ‘I know him and his heart is to help people and to help the country, and it's real. There's no phoniness about it'.”

And what does Mike think about Trump’s indiscretions? Mike’s answer is that he “was a cocaine addict for 20 years and a crack addict for 9. But I quit everything overnight January 16, 2009, by the grace of God, and I'm in a transformation, an amazing transformation.” Mike went on to say that Donald Trump must be in some amazing transformation himself because (the indiscretions) were 11 years ago.”

And Mike emphasizes that the Bible talks about “who should throw the first stone.” And Mike relates that “We all have a past. Our president has got an amazing heart. He's an amazing Christian man. And he's got a heart of gold that wants to help people."

Mike knows Trump is popular

Mike has seen how popular the president is. When Mike was at the Minnesota State Fair everyone (except 2 people) came up to Mike and said, “Oh Mike, we are so proud of your transformation, and tell the president we have his back.”

To the two people that did not like Trump, Mike said, "I've met him. I said then you're telling me I make bad decisions.” With that, the two left. 

Consumer confidence is over the top right now

Mike feels that if you take the media out of the picture and ask the people on the street if they have seen a change, they will answer that they are “employed now, they're happy now, they have consumer confidence.”

Mike goes on to say that, “There are careers being formed out and people opening businesses and becoming entrepreneurs, taking chances. The president brings a confidence to this country and to the consumer, confidence is over the top right now.”


“Why would you not like this, this is amazing, this is absolutely amazing, it's Hallelujah. This is what we've been praying for. Let's go. Let's unite this country and let's all get in this together and take the politics out of it and end all this hate."

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Mike talked enthusiastically about all the inner city initiatives that are going on - plus the movie he funded and has a part in - on the Piscopo In The Morning AM 970 The Answer show.

Inner City Initiatives

Mike says that President Trump is creating “amazing jobs” now. Plus, Mike is doing a lot with his foundation. And, there are several organizations that are doing good, like the Salvation Army’s Pathway to Hope, which is "the best program for teaching people how to get and keep a job."

There is also Ben Carson’s Envision Centers that are “amazing”. These centers are hubs with many spokes where people can access a variety of services to increase self-sufficiency. In one area, for example, they take people’s skills and present opportunities to them, then use those peoples' passions to motivate them.

Mike says that what works is to take “things that are working and then use them in other places.” For example, the Salvation Army works. So reverse engineer what works and recreate what they are doing and apply it to other areas. 

The other important piece is the church leaders. For, “engaging all the pastors is “powerful, a huge thing.”

And Trump brings “such confidence”. So companies are “hiring from the inner city”…”to give people second chances.” And, they are “creating careers, not just jobs." "Our wages are going up because consumer confidence is at an all-time high."

Mike emphasizes that “entrepreneur and business owners are at an all-time high in spite of all the attacks on our President," attacks which are “shameful”. For, Mike has watched the President, and “Trump listens so well, he takes it all in." The President "is so pragmatic. We have a President that has common sense."

And, Mike says that "Trump is fighting for us and look at all these good things that are going on - people can't say one bad thing about what's going on".

Unplanned, the movie

Mike also discussed his role in the movie “Unplanned,” a movie about the true story of Abby Johnson, who quit Planned Parenthood to become an anti-abortion crusader. 

Mike liked this movie so much that he put $1 million into it. He also has a part in the movie where he bulldozes a Planned Parenthood building down. They were going to use a stuntman to do this, but Mike said that he “was not going to go on a radio and TV after this and tell people they used a stuntman”.


When Mike was at the Minnesota State Fair, a "thousand people came up to him and everyone, except for one, said two things: your transformation, wow, what an amazing story of God bringing you through and, we're praying for our President."

Mike continues to inspire, as does Trump and his administration and other faith-based organizations as they help people help themselves.

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