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Don’t miss this CNBC video about Mike Lindell! There are some interesting views of the MyPillow factory as well a great overview of about Mike’s history from crack to the highly success MyPillow company -  to the White House!


  • The video shows Mike’s original foam-shredding machine: a hammer mill - which was originally a piece of farm equipment! Also shown are the foam shredding machines that Mike designed to take the place of the hammer mill. 
  • Mike runs MyPillow in Chaska MN, the town he grew up in, where his early entrepreneur years were spent cleaning carpets, raising pigs and running lunch wagons. He was also, occasionally, making money as a professional card counter - until he was thrown out of the casino. In the 80’s, Mike got into the bar business - which, as he says, “probably wasn’t very good because I was an addict at the time.”
  • Mike always had a hard time sleeping and disliked all the pillows he tried. Then, in 2004, he dreamed of a pillow which would hold its shape. After the dream, he wrote “MyPillow” everywhere in the house. When he told his daughter that he had this idea of a pillow called “MyPillow”, she simply said, “that’s random, Dad”.
  • Mike spent months cutting up pieces of foam to create a pillow that would hold its form - he even learned to sew the pillows himself. After inventing the pillow, he went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and showed them his "best pillow in the world”. But, they were not impressed.
  • Mike then did a kiosk in a local shopping center. One of the customers turned out to be connected to the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show and he invited Mike to debut the MyPillow at the show, and sales took off.
  • Mike used to be a crack cocaine addict during the early years of MyPillow and lost his marriage, his house and almost his business due to his addictions. In fact, even his dealers put out the word that no one should sell drugs to Mike after Mike had been up for almost 2 weeks straight. Mike finally hit bottom January 16, 2009, and asked God to let him wake up in the morning and never have the desire again. When he woke up the next day he had the “most peaceful feeling I ever had.” His addictions were totally gone.
  • In 2011, Mike had another dream: make an infomercial. Mike starred in the infomercial and ad-libbed the whole commercial himself. Due to the infomercial, MyPillow went from 5 employees to 500 by the end of that year. Now, MyPillow has sold over 300 million pillows.
  • Mike met Donald Trump in 2016 and quickly became a fan. After that meeting, Mike's reaction to Trump was that “this guy is going to be the most amazing guy in history” based on all the jobs Trump wanted to bring back and his concern about the inner cities. Mike then went to the White House last July for a Made-in-America roundtable - and sat right next to President Trump.
  • Mike is publishing an autobiography and hopes to turn his story into a movie with the help of actor Steve Baldwin. Mike is also focusing on his foundation, the Lindell Foundation, to help the less fortunate.

A lot has happened in Mike’s life - and is continuing to happen. And, Mike's reaction to his life is that, “The only way that we were able to do this was Devine intervention.”

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Mike Lindell on MyPillow, Lindell Foundation and Film Production

Mike Lindell is featured in a Q&A article by Ava Roosevelt in the Fall edition of Opulence Magazine because, as Eva Roosevelt notes, Mike is one of those "philanthropically inclined individuals who are not only newsworthy but who have touched me with their honesty, spirit, and faith."


  • Mike said that his life of addiction was the equivalent to "a point of nothingness” until he reached rock bottom. At that point, he reached out and asked God to free him from addiction. The next morning, on January 16, 2009, Mike said that "I was freed that day, and by God’s grace, I am still free.”
  • Mike’s early business was truly family-run, with his four children his first employees. Now, he views his 1500 employees as “family”, and sees keeping the MyPillow business in Minnesota, with products being made in America, as a key aspect of the MyPillow business.
  • The MyPillow success is based on the fact that the MyPillow is not based on a one-size-fits-all model; that it is made to softly support the head, rather than let the head bend in uncomfortable positions; and that the infomercial allowed all of America to discover that the MyPillow is "one of the best products in history.”
  • Mike created the Lindell Foundation the same way he created the MyPillow, by reverse-engineering what he wanted in a charity:
    1. to let people view and choose people’s real needs.
    2. to ensure that 100% of the money contributed goes towards these needs, and not corruption, waste and over-blown salaries.
    3. to let the donors actually see what their money went for by keeping them up to date.
  • Mike and the actor, Steven Baldwin, started Light Beam Media to make "the most amazing faith-based movies ever.” The first film was a comedy titled ‘Youth Group".

Mike says he is defined by "Faith, loyalty, and integrity”, and certainly, his life resonates these ideals.

Read the attached Opulence article for more information. When the fall edition of the Opulence magazine officially comes out, you can read the full edition at: Opulence Magazine 

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Mike Lindell documentary

RFD TV aired Mike Lindell's new documentary, “The Mike Lindell Story: An American Dream” in December, 2016, and will be airing the documentary more times throughout 2017.


  • The documentary goes through Mike's life, all the way from Mike's working at his uncle's farm as a child to inventing the MyPillow and growing the company.
  • This documentary highlights Mike's life via a night show talk format, where key people who knew Mike throughout his life are interviewed.
  • The first showing was December 29, 2016. Watch for more airings of this motivating documentary.

"“I am thrilled to be sharing my story of overcoming drug addiction, building a multimillion-dollar business, and never giving up,” said Lindell. “I hope it will inspire others out there to pursue their dreams.”"

Watch a trailer of the documentary here: The Mike Lindell Story Trailer

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