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Mike's entrepreneurial success story actually starts in a crack house. Although he had already started his MyPilllow business, his turning point was getting out of the crack houses by conquering his intense crack and cocaine addictions through faith in 2008.

To note:

  • Mike invented the MyPillow in 2003 through a dream, based on many restless nights
  • After quitting his addictions, he started newspaper advertising and his famous MyPillow infomercial.
  • He also expanded into Walmart, Bed, Bath and Beyond, QVC and other retailers. MyPillow also has 17 MyPillow retail stores. 
  • In 2016, MyPillow continued to expand.  Towards that, Mike opened a new 100,000-square-foot factory that is capable of making 85,000 pillows a day in anticipation of tripling his sales.

From the article:

He’d had another dream: MyPillow would be a $1 billion company.

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MyPillow donates 4,500 to "Pillows for Corwin" , Mike Lindell and MyPillow donates 4,500 to "Pillows for Corwin" , Mike Lindell and MyPillow donates 4,500 to "Pillows for Corwin"

Corwin Johnson tragically died in a hunting accident last November. But, his friends are keeping his memory alive with a "Pillows For Corwin" drive. Towards this, Mike Lindell and MyPillow donated 4,500 MyPillows to this memorable and worthy cause. 


  • Corwin Johnson tragically lost his life in a hunting incident last November. But, he had a dream: that he wanted to give 9,000 pillows to those in need.
  • In honor of Corwin, his friends at Mesabi East High School set up Facebook and GoFundMe "Pillows For Corwin" pages to collect the 9,000 pillows and fulfil their lost friend's dream.
  • So, Mike Lindell packed up 4,500 MyPillows into a semi-truck and delivered them to the school last Wednesday.

This donation brought the total pillows donated to 4,640, so feel free to donate your pillows to the "Pillows For Corwin" cause.

“The friends who are helping to fulfill his dream say they're excited they got such a huge donation which gets them one step closer to fulfilling their lost friend's goal.”

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MyPillow gives 80,000 MyPillows to Hurricane Harvey victims

Mike Lindell, MyPillow inventor and CEO, announced that MyPillow has donated 60,000 MyPillows to those devasted by Hurricane Harvey last week. And now, because that went so well, he is following up by sending down 20,000 MORE MyPillows, for a total of 80,000 MyPillows.

It is quite the generous donation - the retail value of the donations is close to $4 million.

The first 60,000 pillows were donated from Beaumont to Corpus Christi to both shelters and the first responders. The next 20,000 pillows are also going to go to those who have been displaced and first responders.

The pillow donation was organized by Lindell's new Lindell Foundation. The foundation was due to launch next month, but Lindell pushed the date up to get donations for Hurricane Harvey. The foundation's goal is to give 100% of every dollar donated to those in need.

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MyPillow Lindell Foundation 60,000 pillow donation Hurricane Harvey

MyPillow went into overtime production so they could manufacture 60,000 pillows for victims of Hurricane Harvey. Mike Lindell then flew employees of the Lindell Foundation, his newly launched foundation, to help distribute these pillows to those in shelters due to Hurricane Harvey and to those working for Hurricane Harvey rescue operations. 

Given that MyPillows cost at least $50 per pillow, this turns out to be an amazingly generous donation of $3 million.

Mike also launched the Lindell Foundation early so the foundation can also help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The foundation 's prime goal is to give 100% of all donations directly to those in need, with MyPillow and Mike Lindell covering the administrative costs. 

As Mike Lindell says: "We may be across the country, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do something to help the tens of thousands of victims of Hurricane Harvey."

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MyPillow is working overtime to ensure that the victims of Hurricane Harvey have some comfort, for they are making 60,000 MyPillows that will then be packed up in 10 trucks and driven down to Texas. 

Mike Lindell is then sending a crew of MyPillow employees to help hand out the pillows to those who have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey. 

Trystar, another Minnesotan company, is working overtime to manufacture greatly needed power cables to be shipped to Texas. 

So, Minnesotans can be proud of the Minnesota companies that are generously donating time and money to ensure that the victims of Hurricane Harvey are helped.

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60,000 MyPillows are being loaded up into 6 trucks that are bound for the Houston area to help victims of Hurricane Harvey and to provide comfort for the rescue crews. 

Mike Lindell is then sending employees down to help hand out the pillows so that those affected by Hurricane Harvey can have, as Mike says, "a little bit of relief in all the stuff that is happening."

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Great new MyPillow ad showing Mike's MyPillow and philanthropic story in a nutshell, or as Mike summarized:

"You helped my dream come true, now I’ll be silent so you can dream too.”


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The MyPillow store and the Lindell Foundation gave the gift of sleep by giving nearly 300 pillows to those in need at the Cornerstone Rescue Mission and Working Against Violence, Inc. in Rapid City, South Dakota.

  • Since February, through the MyPillow Giveback program in Rapid City area MyPillow stores, MyPillow has been donating one pillow for every pillow bought.
  • The pillows were then delivered by the Lindell Foundation's Hope It Forward members.
  • This Giveback program will continue to donate pillows for the next few months for pillows bought at the MyPillow Rapid City store in the Rushmore Mall.
  • MyPillow has donated more than 5000 MyPillow pillows nationwide to a variety of non-profit organizations through the MyPillow Giveback program.

“This is wonderful…we are out of pillows, we always need pillows. The number of guests continues to rise every day and pillows can be expensive when you have to buy 100 at a time. So this is just incredible for us. Very generous.”

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Mike Lindell Meghan Kelly

Mike Lindell will be on the "Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly" show on NBC this Sunday. An interview with NBC new's Josh Mankiewicz will be shown where Mike talks about his journey from near-bankruptcy to the multimillion dollar company, MyPillow. See this trailer for highlights.

Be sure to watch it this Sunday, June 11th at 6 PM Central time.

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Mike Lindell, founder and inventor of MyPillow, donated 1,000 of his famous MyPillows to The Salvation Army.

Mike Lindell lived with a crack cocaine addiction for decades and then totally kicked the addiction in one day though the help of God. So, he feels blessed and wants to help others who are going through what he did by helping them get the sleep they need to change their lives, as he changed his.

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