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Mike Lindell interviewed at President Trump rally in Houston, Texas

Mike was recently at the rally for Ted Cruz in Houston, Texas with President Trump. He was interviewed by Right Side Broadcasting Network. Here are the highlights of that interview.

  • Mike said this is the most important mid-term election in our lifetime and that everybody should tell their friends, family and neighbors to get out and vote.
  • He says that everybody loves our President, they just don't know it yet.
  • President Trump was picked by God to run this country and it's a Divine appointment.
  • Mike announces his Lindell Recovery Network. Over the last year, he has vetted faith-based treatment centers across the country. An addict would put in his age and his addiction and he/she will get stories of hope. They can see that there is hope for them as well. After, Mike will be like their tour guide on the website and show them places of recovery near them. Then when they come out of treatment, paid mentors employed by Lindell Recovery Network will be there for them to help them continue their recovery.
  • Mike says that a lot of times, when addicts come out of treatment, people don't trust them right away. But with the treatments centers, Like Salvation Army, Union Gospel, and many others that Mike has vetted, employers will grab them up right away because these centers are trusted.  A 20 year old opiate addict might not relate to a 50 year old meth addict. Lindell Recover Network will match age and addiction to help that person.
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I was honored to speak at President Trump's rally in Rochester, Minnesota.


Our next great Attorney General Doug Wardlow gave an awesome invocation at the beginning of the rally.

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"Do you ever see this guy with the pillows on Fox...He is the greatest," declared President Trump to the applause of the crowd at a rally in North Dakota. Trump then went on to say "Mike does make a great product, great pillows". Then, Trump admitted that he actually uses MyPillows, which got enthusiastic cheers from the crowd.

Trump continued with the announcement that he "wanted Mike to be his ad buyer because I guarantee you, he makes great deals." And, to seal the deal, Trump said, "I haven't asked him yet, would you be my ad buyer please, Mike?"

Mike has been a staunch supporter of Trump practically from day one. In fact, due to Mike's faith in Trump's ability to grow America's economy, Mike wrote a article in the Duluth News Tribune , declaring that "We can all rest easy with Trump helping to bring our economy back stronger than ever."

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Jane Wells talks to Mike Lindell for her CNBC Strange Success Podcast series which is about people who have come up with crazy ideas and managed to go from failure and rejection to success. And who better to talk to than Mike Lindell, who has literally gone from the crack house to the White House, with the tremendous success of MyPillow in between.


  • Mike Lindell's amazing story goes from owning a carpet cleaning business and hogs to the phenomenal success of MyPillow, all while overcoming addictions, failures, and adversity.
  • The MyPillow business started as a dream, took years to develop, faced failures in sales and marketing, and finally found early success with fairs and events. During this time, Mike had to go through an epic battle for the control of MyPillow. He also faced his own adversity: addictions to alcohol, cocaine, and crack cocaine, which he amazingly kicked overnight through prayer on January 6, 2009. He has been sober ever since and vows to give his life to God in all his endeavors in return for being freed from his addictions..
  • MyPillow’s exponential success came from the famous MyPillow infomercial, an idea which also came to Mike in a dream. Mike went against the grain by not using professional actors. Instead, Mike was featured in the infomercial and ad-libbed his way throughout it. Due to the infomercial, MyPillow went from 10 employees to 500 employees in just a few months. And now, MyPillow has over 1,500 employees and has sold over 30 million pillows.
  • President Trump was so impressed with Mke's American-made story that he invited Mike to New York City to talk about his story and the benefits of American-made products. Mike was then invited to the White House's Made in America Roundtable, where he sat right next to President Trump.
  • Mike continues to grow and give back: MyPillow has given tens of thousands of pillows to charity, Mike has created the Lindell Foundation to help his employees and those in need, he is writing his autobiography, and Mike is creating a movie of his life through a partnership with Stephen Baldwin.

It has been an incredible life. Mike gives all of the credit for his success to God: “Looking back now, the only way that we were able to do all of this was through Devine intervention from God. It is a miracle, an absolute miracle.”

And - a message from Mike to all, “It can be done, people."

You can read more in this referenced article, How this entrepreneur went from a crack addict to a self-made multimillionaire.

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50,000 free MyPillows, beating the pillow fight record in the Guinness Book of World Records, AND Mike's Israel trip where he was part of a mysterious movie are all part of Mike's interview with Tom Barnard on the 92 KQRS Morning Show.

50,000 free MyPillows and a record-breaking pillow fight

Can Minnesotans pillow fight their way into the record books? Mike wants to find out. So, the first “50,000 people to attend the Pulse Twin Cities event will receive a free MyPillow." The Guinness Book officials will be on hand - so, be part of “crushing the old record of 6261 set in 2015".

Mike will be at the event, telling his amazing story about how - and why - his pillow “is just a big platform for what God can do.”  Plus, there will be incredible music and other powerful messages.

So, mark your calendars for Friday, May 18th, and join all at Pulse Twin Cities at the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. Doors open at 5 PM, it is free, and no tickets are needed -  just bring a friend and show up. See more details at

Israel and Mike's in a movie

Mike has been in Israel for the last month to do some international speaking and to be in a movie! The name of the movie is secret right now - but Mike did say that it was a “pretty controversial movie” and that Mike had to “learn how to drive a 'monster piece of equipment'" for the movie.

So - join all at the pillow fight. As Mike says, “we're gonna definitely have some fun out there and I can't wait.” And, stay tuned for updates about Mike's mysterious movie!

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Mike Lindell talks about his rags-to-riches MyPillow success story, his documentary, his book, and his foundation on the Rich Elsen Show.


  • Mike was a crack cocaine addict when he invented the MyPillow, and continued his addictions while selling his MyPillow at shows and fairs around the country. He finally quit all his addictions overnight through prayer and went on to do his famous infomercial, where he went from 5 employees to 540 in 40 days. He now has 1600 employees, 400,000 square feet of factory, and has sold over 35 million pillows.
  • You can watch this rags-to-riches story, The Mike Lindell Story: An American Dream, to see how Mike fights adversity, addictions, and major money issues to become a true American success story.   
  • Mike's book, "What are the Odds", is coming out soon. The book is about how he goes from crack addict to CEO with God's help. As Mike says, “if you don’t believe in God after reading the book - you have to re-read the book”.
  • Mike wants to give other addicts hope through his Lindell Foundation, which will pair addicts with mentors so they can learn from other's successes.

And, Mike’s reaction to his life? “It is so rewarding, it is so surreal, it has been quite a blessing”.

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Mike Lindell talks with Barry ZeVan about his entrepreneurial beginnings, inventing and selling the MyPillow, his addictions, and the Lindell Foundation. As Barry ZeVan says, Mike's story is "beyond Horatio (Alger)". Here are some of the bullet points:

Mike Lindell's early work

  • Mike started his work life in a grocery store in Chaska, MN and at a drive-in theater in Flying Cloud, MN.
  • Mike then became an entrepreneur, starting with a carpet cleaning business, and never worked for someone again.
  • He then owned bars and restaurants in Carver County, MN.

Inventing the MyPillow

  • Mike started MyPillow because Mike couldn't get any decent sleep and kept waking up with a sore neck.
  • So, he decided to invent a better pillow and called it MyPillow - a name he got from a dream he had.
  • Inventing MyPillow was a family venture - Mike and his children all worked for more than a year and a half,  shredding all sorts of foam to find the right product that would be adjustable. 

Selling MyPillow - the beginning

  • Mike was so proud of his MyPillow that he just assumed that the big box stores would jump at the chance to sell MyPillows. But, he was turned down.
  • So he tried selling the pillow at a kiosk, where Mike only sold 80 pillows, which put him further in debt.
  • Then a miracle occurred: one of the customers who bought a pillow at the kiosk asked Mike to sell the MyPillows at the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show, where Mike found that talking to people directly led to selling success: he sold out of all the MyPillows he had.
  • Based on the success of the Minneapolis Home and Garden show, Mike spent the next 6-7 years selling the MyPillows at the Minnesota State Fair and a variety of other fairs and events throughout the US.

Mike addictions and his answer to a prayer

  • During this time, Mike was also a drug addict, doing cocaine and crack cocaine. 
  • Mike quit all his addictions overnight based on a prayer to God where he said that he wanted to wake up in the morning and never have the desire for drugs again. And, he woke up the next day, January 16, 2009, with his desire for drugs totally gone. 
  • Based on God's answer to his prayer, Mike determined that MyPillow was a bigger platform for a much bigger purpose. And it was at that point that Mike started seeing miracles happen.

MyPillow sales start taking off with print ads

  • The Minneapolis Star Tribune did a human interest story on Mike in their business section, and the MyPillow sales went through the roof that day.
  • Based on seeing the success of this article, Mike wrote his own ad in the form of a MyPillow article. PR companies called him and told him that the ad "was terrible". But, despite what the PR companies told Mike, the ad was very successful.

MyPillow infomercial

  • Mike had a dream of doing an infomercial, based on his success selling MyPillows by talking directly to the customer. So, he decided to take his product right to the people through an infomercial.
  • Mike did the infomercial in St. Paul, MN. He didn't have a teleprompter and, although he says it was "nerve-wracking", the infomercial was created and went live October 7, 2011.
  • Mike was living in his sister's basement at the time, and only had 5 employees plus his kids. 540 days after the infomercial went live, MyPillow had 500 employees. Today, MyPillow now has over 1,600 employees.

Made in America

  • Mike has a strong philosophy of making the MyPillow products in the USA. In fact, the products are made in Mike's home state - Minnesota.
  • This summer, Mike was at the White House for a Made in America Roundtable, where he sat right next to President Trump and emphasized the benefits of products being made in the USA.

Lindell Foundation

  • Mike created the Lindell Foundation based on trust since people don't really trust many foundations anymore because they don't know how much of their money really goes to the cause versus how much of their money goes towards people simply paying themselves.
  • With the Lindell Foundation, you know that whenever you donate to a need, 100% of your money goes directly to the need, since Mike is paying all the overhead. And, you get to hear back from the need you donated your money to so you know the difference you made.
  • The Lindell Foundation started as a help center for MyPillow employees. Mike was motivated to create the foundation based on wanting to run a company based on his employees' point of view. If the company sees somebody having issues at work, the company tries to understand why the employee is having issues and then gets them help. For example, addicts get addiction help, and people get help to resolve personal issues, like a spouse leaving them. Or, one time, one person was showing up late all the time, and MyPillow found out he was walking 14 miles to work, so they bought him a car. In other words, as Mike says, "I treat each employee like it was myself".
  • Mike sees people stereotype addicts as worthless, that the addicts did it to themselves. But, Mike feels that much of addiction is a mask for pain, often that goes all the way back to childhood. Mike wants the Lindell Foundation to view addicts as worthwhile, and give them the help they need.

Mike's passion

  • Mike continues to have a passion for the MyPillow based on the stories he hears from people telling him that the MyPillows have made a difference in their lives. 
  • Mike also has a passion for giving people the gift of sleep because sleep affects everything we do, how we feel, and how we interact. Mike sees that sleep is as important as eating right and getting exercise  - and probably more important, as the brain is recalibrating and your body's getting the physical rest it needs during sleep.

Mike's philosophy can be summed up by his quote: "Unless it helps someone, I don't make it. It's not about the money, the money takes care of itself, I just want to help people either spiritually, physically, or mentally."

As Mike says, "It's been a blessing, I give the glory to God".

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A great podcast with Mike Lindell talking on the "Tell Me Something I Don't Know" podcast about how Mike invented the MyPillow (and why), how he grew the MyPillow company from 5 employees to 500 in days, and about his cocaine/crack cocaine addictions which ended in 2009. There are also some fun pillow facts in the podcast.


  • One of Mike’s first paychecks went towards a very expensive pillow - which didn’t work. So, he kept buying more and more pillows but continued to have all sorts of sleep interruptions. Then, Mike came up with the name “My Pillow" and wrote this name all over the house. After coming up with the name, Mike then spent the next 1.5 years inventing the MyPillow. 
  • But, after inventing the MyPillow, everything failed, including a kiosk where Mike sold the MyPillows. Fortunately, though, one of the few people that did buy a MyPillow from the kiosk was a man who ran the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show who liked his MyPillow so much that he called Mike to see if Mike would like a spot at the show. Mike took the spot and was successful, which led to Mike being on the road for the next seven years, selling at home shows and fairs across the country.
  • In 2011, Mike decided to make “the best infomercial in history”. The infomercial was so successful that MyPillow went from 5 employees to over 500 employees in just 40 days. That success continued, so now MyPillow has sold over 27 million pillows and has over 1500 employees.
  • What is so unique about MyPillow? Mike made a pillow that holds the position you adjust it to, yet is soft. He did this by making the MyPillow with 3 different sizes of foam that interlock so the pillow fits you instead of you having to fit the pillow. Then, Mike spent another 2 months making the MyPillow washable and dry-able.
  • Mike feels strongly that a good pillow is the most important aspect of your sleep. Towards that, Mike is doing a major sleep study with MyPillow.
  • Mike then talks about his cocaine/crack cocaine addiction, which started in 1984 and ended January 16, 2001.
  • And - some fun facts about pillows:
    • The first pillow ever found was in Mesopotamia and was made out of stone.
    • Wooden pillows have been found in Japan
    • Porcelain pillows have been found in China
    • So - it is a good thing we now have the MyPillow instead of stone, wood, and porcelain!


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Great new MyPillow ad showing Mike's MyPillow and philanthropic story in a nutshell, or as Mike summarized:

"You helped my dream come true, now I’ll be silent so you can dream too.”


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The MyPillow store and the Lindell Foundation gave the gift of sleep by giving nearly 300 pillows to those in need at the Cornerstone Rescue Mission and Working Against Violence, Inc. in Rapid City, South Dakota.

  • Since February, through the MyPillow Giveback program in Rapid City area MyPillow stores, MyPillow has been donating one pillow for every pillow bought.
  • The pillows were then delivered by the Lindell Foundation's Hope It Forward members.
  • This Giveback program will continue to donate pillows for the next few months for pillows bought at the MyPillow Rapid City store in the Rushmore Mall.
  • MyPillow has donated more than 5000 MyPillow pillows nationwide to a variety of non-profit organizations through the MyPillow Giveback program.

“This is wonderful…we are out of pillows, we always need pillows. The number of guests continues to rise every day and pillows can be expensive when you have to buy 100 at a time. So this is just incredible for us. Very generous.”

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