Mike Lindell on CNBC: President Trump will persevere and get his agenda done

Mike Lindell was on CNBC talking about his support of President Trump, saying that the President condemns all hate and that there have been so many attacks on the President that the President hasn't been able to get to the agenda that Mike knows he has.

We are all still unified and with the President, Mike said, and Trump will find a way to communicate with us. Mike has never seen a president reach out for help in making decisions like this president has.

How does Trump heal the country?

Mike met with the President last summer in a meeting which was "amazing".  Everything Mike stands for, the President wants for the country. The President is not a racist, he’s an amazing person, and he will persevere and get to his agenda. There are a lot of amazing things he's done already: jobs are at an all time high, the stock market is at an all time high, MyPillow is flourishing, and consumer confidence is at a 16-year high. These are great things - Mike just wishes that the attacks would stop so the President can get down to helping the country with Infrastructure, the inner cities, and all the things that are going to help unify the country.

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