PRESS RELEASE: World Premiere of “The Mike Lindell Story: An American Dream” Exclusively on RFD-TV

Mike Lindell documentary

RFD TV aired Mike Lindell's new documentary, “The Mike Lindell Story: An American Dream” in December, 2016, and will be airing the documentary more times throughout 2017.


  • The documentary goes through Mike's life, all the way from Mike's working at his uncle's farm as a child to inventing the MyPillow and growing the company.
  • This documentary highlights Mike's life via a night show talk format, where key people who knew Mike throughout his life are interviewed.
  • The first showing was December 29, 2016. Watch for more airings of this motivating documentary.

"“I am thrilled to be sharing my story of overcoming drug addiction, building a multimillion-dollar business, and never giving up,” said Lindell. “I hope it will inspire others out there to pursue their dreams.”"

Watch a trailer of the documentary here: The Mike Lindell Story Trailer